Where can I find a Dentist in 91723?

When was the last time you had a checkup with your dentist in 91723? At Premier Esthetics, their experienced dentist is an exceptional resource for the continued health of your smile. From the gentle and state-of-the-art preventive care you require, to the foremost restorative, implant, and cosmetic dentistry services, you’ll be in excellent hands with Dr. Mark Gadberry. Dedicated to providing the highest quality care, he’s been establishing an excellent reputation throughout the Covina, Baldwin Park, and San Dimas areas, and welcomes the opportunity to make you smile.

Dentist in 91723

If you already brush and floss daily at home, you’re well on your way to establishing and maintaining good oral health. Combining your efforts with the help of your dentist in 91723, you can almost entirely prevent the onset of the most common dental conditions! Brought on by plaque accumulation, for most patients, dental decay and gum disease can be avoided with a consistent care regimen at home along with professional teeth cleanings every six months. If other factors, which can increase your risk for dental disease, such as age, malocclusion, and certain health conditions are present, your dentist will take special care to provide you with highly personalized attention and instructions for maintaining optimal oral hygiene and health all year round. In addition to helping you maintain your oral hygiene, when you come in for a checkup a comprehensive oral examination is also conducted. Checking for signs and symptoms of a wide range of dental problems, your dentist can spot and address issues early on, when they’re easiest to treat.

If it’s been six months or more since your last checkup, your dentist in 91723 would like to help you establish and continue to maintain your oral health. To schedule your next appointment for the gentle preventive dental care you deserve, contact the friendly staff at Premier Esthetics today!

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