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Covina Dentist Office

Want to start out the year right? Plan on scheduling your next checkup at Premier Esthetics, your Covina dentist office. Our experienced dentist makes a comprehensive range of advanced dental services available to you and your loved ones. From the essentials in preventive, pediatric, and emergency dental care, to the highest quality restorative, implant and cosmetic treatments for your smile, we’re fully equipped to address the oral care needs of your entire family. Among the most important services we provide for our patients is a comprehensive program of preventive care, which enables us to help patients of all ages maintain optimal oral health

Covina Dentist Office

By making the commitment to schedule routine checkups at your Covina dentist office along with a consistent oral care regimen at home you can almost entirely prevent the development dental disease. For this reason, we encourage checkup visits twice a year.  When you come to our office for your biannual visit, Dr. Gadberry performs a comprehensive oral exam, carefully assessing the health of your teeth, gums, and all of the tissues in and around the oral cavity. Using the most leading-edge technology and techniques, we take special care to screen for a sweeping range of conditions which may have otherwise gone unnoticed, including bruxism, tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ, infections, impacted teeth, and even oral cancer screenings. For our adult patients, one of the major conditions we look for is gum disease, which is so prevalent that it ranks as the number one cause of tooth loss among adults across the nation. When gum disease is caught early its onset, it can be completely reversed with a professional teeth cleaning and a renewed commitment to an improved regimen of oral  hygiene at home. To help your children maintain excellent oral health, we focus on teaching the proper methods for brushing and flossing and provide useful information regarding the effects of a high sugar diet on oral health. We also offer pediatric patients specialized treatments to strengthen and protect their developing teeth from tooth decay.

With a consistent oral care regimen at home, and routine visits to our Covina dentist office every six months, together we can almost entirely eliminate the threat of dental disease! To schedule your next visit for preventive dental care, call Premier Esthetics today!

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