Covina Root Canal

For a dentist that you can depend on for a wide range of dental issues, you can trust the professional at Premier Esthetics. Offering the full scope of general, family, and cosmetic dental services, Dr. Mark R. Gadberry is prepared to address the oral care needs of your entire family. Providing excellent service from the treatment of cavities to Covina root canal therapy, he’s well-equipped to provide you with the relief from oral pain you require.

Oohh. Ouch. That hurts! When a dental emergency strikes, your dentist is fully equipped to provide the prompt and diligent care you deserve. Oftentimes, following traumatic injury to a tooth, the attention of your Covina root canal therapist becomes necessary. Why? Because one of the major concerns following a dental injury, is whether or not damage has occurred to the vital inner tissues of the tooth. If harmed to a certain extent, root canal therapy becomes necessary to rescue the tooth.

Covina Root Canal

Root canal therapy is a highly effective, safe and painless procedure performed over 15 million times a year by dentists across the nation. It involves treating the inside of the tooth in order to prevent infection from claiming it. With one of the highest success ratings of any dental procedure, you can rest assured that your dentist will do his utmost to save your tooth in distress.

Following your Covina root canal therapy, a restorative filling or custom crown, matched to the shade, shape, and size of your neighboring teeth will be placed to restore the performance, aesthetic—and former glory—of the affected tooth. Your dentist uses only the highest dental grade materials, so you can expect durable and seamless results for your smile.

If you’re experiencing oral pain, come to the experienced hand of Dr. Gadberry to receive the prompt and effective care you require. To schedule your visit, call Premier Esthetics at the number below.

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