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Where Can I Get 91723 Invisalign Treatment?

Do you want to straighten your smile without going through your day to day routine wearing traditional metal braces? At Premier Esthetics, your Covina dental office offers one of the most popular discrete alternatives! As a comprehensive oral healthcare provider, you can trust Dr. Mark R. Gadberry with your oral care needs, from the most routine checkups and preventive care, to the most advanced implant, prosthetic, and cosmetic dentistry services. Proudly offering 91723 Invisalign, as well as a host of cosmetic treatments to bring out the best in your smile, Dr. Gadberry is more than happy to determine your eligibility for orthodontic treatment with Invisalign, and is prepared to provide you with support throughout every phase of your treatment.

91723 Invisalign

For decades now, digital technologies have begun to close the gap between the design and production of the most personalized dental treatment options. With 91723 Invisalign, your orthodontic treatment plan goes digital—from digital impressions of your bite and 3D digital imaging of your smile, to digital prescription and design of your course of orthodontic treatment! With the aid of computers, highly precise and personalized specifications for your treatment can be made. Once the prescription is in, a laboratory fabricates your fully customized series of clear plastic aligners, smooth to the touch, and completely contoured for the most comfortable fit. By progressing through a series of clear aligners, each phase of your treatment is designed to move your teeth closer and closer towards their desired ending positions. And as usual, a little bit of digital technology can go a long way for your comfort and convenience. From skipping the goop of traditional impressions and avoiding the need for your dentist to manually adjust your orthodontic treatment, to being able to remove your aligners to eat and floss, you’ll be glad you chose in Invisalign!

If you’d like to have your eligibility determined for 91723 Invisalign, Dr. Gadberry invites you to his state-of-the-art dental office in Covina. Providing the highest quality care to the San Gabriel Valley and greater Los Angeles county, you can depend on Dr. Gadberry from consultation to follow up care. To schedule your visit, call today!


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