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Covina Dentist Office

When it comes to establishing and maintaining good oral health at any age, your Covina dentist office is an indispensable resource. From the gentle and precise treatment of dental emergencies, to the continued preventive care so essential to sustaining a healthy and beautiful smile, you can count on Premier Esthetics for your general, family, and cosmetic dentistry needs. Dr. Mark A. Gadberry is highly experienced in an extensive range of advanced dentistry services, and prepared to address the unique oral care needs of patients at any age. Whether your children are getting ready to go back to school, or it has been six months since you last had an oral exam, Dr. Gadberry and his compassionate staff welcome you to come and receive the highest quality dental care at their office.

Covina dentist office

The latest research points to the insight that maintaining good oral health goes beyond the daily brushing and flossing you already do at home. A consistent oral care regimen at home is an excellent beginning in the fight against dental disease, and your Covina dentist office is here to maximize the benefits of the job you do at home. Encouraging patients to schedule checkups every six months, patients at any age will benefit from a variety of personalized services. With a professional teeth cleaning, your oral care professional will expertly remove any hardened plaque or tartar that may have escaped your reach. Even dentists themselves benefit from professional teeth cleanings, as some areas are quite difficult to maintain. With the cleanliness of your mouth fully restored, dental disease will have a harder time settling in during the months to follow. In fact, you can almost entirely prevent cavities, dental decay and gum disease by brushing and flossing at home and receiving professional teeth cleanings every six months.

Your dentist will also perform a comprehensive examination, carefully checking for the slightest sign of any dental issues. Because the majority of dental issues are easiest to address early on, scheduling routine checkups is an excellent way to help avoid the cost and inconvenience of extensive therapy later on. To keep your smile in good health, give a call to your Covina dentist office today!

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