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Where can I find Covina dental implants?

The loss of one or multiple teeth can have an adverse impact on your self-image, health and overall quality of life. With our professional guidance and state-of-the-art treatment services, we can help you smile to your full potential once again. Dr. Mark R. Gadberry has years of experience in all facets of dental care, and will take the time to listen to your goals and address your concerns throughout every step in treatment. At the office of Premier Esthetics, we offer a number of leading-edge solutions for the replacement of missing teeth, which we are happy to discuss in detail with you, including the customized provision of dental bridgework, dentures and 91723 dental implants.

91723 dental implants

For the replacement option which comes closest to replicating the performance, appearance and feel of natural teeth, you’re going to want to consider 91723 dental implants. Unlike dental bridges and dentures which garner support from crowns placed on adjacent teeth or  messy adhesives, dental implants anchor in place at the jaw, just like the roots of your natural teeth. Stimulating the surrounding bone tissue, implants promote the health of your jaws, and can even last a lifetime with the proper care. Treatment planning with dental implants is also remarkably adaptable. They can be placed singularly to restore individual teeth, or they can be placed at strategic points along the dental arch to secure a fixed permanent prosthesis like a bridge or overdenture. Whether used to support a single custom crown or prosthesis, implants confer unrivaled stability. Dr. Gadberry uses the latest imaging technology to carefully plan your treatment and will explain what to expect before, during and after your procedure.

If you are in need of replacements for single or multiple teeth, we warmly welcome you to our office to discuss your best treatment options. Every treatment we provide is tailored to the specific needs, budget and overall goals of our patients. To learn more about how 91723 dental implants, or any of our additional prosthodontic services can reestablish your smile with the highest quality results, contact our friendly staff today!

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